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lavendera – we’re changing up the laundry experience

where laundry is done differently for people, homes & businesses across the hutt, porirua & wellington.

a little over dirty laundry?

we get it. it’s why we opened lavendera.

we see you

you’re busy & laundry feels like the biggest household (or business) chore. it’s relentless – you do the washing, you hang out the washing, you bring it back in – and don’t even get us started on folding the washing. and sometimes you don’t even do the washing – it grows, piles up & you get kinda frustrated.

you’ve got a business to focus on, a career to grow, a family to raise & time is slipping away - but you still need to get the washing done.

that’s where we step in

we’re here to help.

we’ll pick-up your washing for you. we’ll wash, dry, fold it & return it back to you within 24 hours. we’re your local laundry legends – taking care of the task for you, so you can do better things.

or, you can come do it yourself at our purpose-built lower hutt laundromat sites - 24/7. a modern space, clean & welcoming - advanced machines & cool people. your laundry away from home.

sustainable practices & hygiene standards are at the core of everything we do

laundry needs to be done. everyone has the right to have clean & dry goods.

but? we’ve also got a responsibility to keep people & the environment safe. your health matters and there is no planet b.

we’re here to protect people & the planet

eco logo | sustainable practices  | laundry service in wellington

we make it our mission to do our best, always, even if green isn’t an option for you.

we’ve invested wisely in the very best commercial washes & dryers. eco-friendly & energy efficient. they weigh your clothes & linen so water, time & energy are saved.

and we use only the kindest products. keeping you & our space & machines clean, healthy & safe.

meet your local laundry legends

julius + armi | lavendera | laundry service in wellington

hey! we’re julius + armi.

a husband & wife duo. we’re people just like you -  we have to do laundry, too.

we’ve been keepin’ it clean since 2021 (that’s cool speak for when we opened lavendera)

we respect people have different priorities. time is precious & it’s something you can’t get back. we wanted to bring you a laundromat & laundry service that changed the laundry experience.

a place where you could choose – to outsource that boring household (or business) chore or step inside our modern, clean & welcoming space.

welcome to lavendera. we hope you like it here.

got a question for us?

straight from the laundry to your inbox…

dishing the dirt? nope. that’s not us. we’re here to keep it clean.

the very latest in laundry, who we are & what we stand for, how we support our community & maybe even a sneaky special for your first time.

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