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Positive Living - February Edition: Eliminate the Mosquitoes in Your Life

In his book “High Energy Habits” author Bill Ford talks about getting rid of the little things that annoy you. We can think of the little things that annoy you as being like mosquitoes. They are pesky, irritating, and drain you of energy you could use far more productively on other things. Often these ‘mosquitoes’ are some minor annoyance or irritant that you are tolerating but are not happy about. Usually, you know what to do to fix it, but you have just not yet got around to doing it. ...

January 30, 2023

New Year Laundry Resolution

Few Suggestions for New Year Laundry Resolution:Use your laundry time to unwindMany individuals utilise laundry time as a kind of relaxation; after a long week, the repetition of sorting, washing, drying, and folding can be quite calming! Listen to music, read a book, or watch a movie to unwind while your clothing is in the washing machine!Make sorting a breezeBy having separate laundry baskets, you may save the time-consuming task of separating whites and colours before each load of laundry! Se...

December 29, 2022

Dealing with Holiday Laundries?

Here are 2 tips for Christmas laundry.1. Check your calendar and planTime to wash laundry? Better check the schedule. The best way to avoid having laundry build-up is to wash it regularly. If you don't think you'll have time to wash your own laundry, full-service laundry is a great alternative.2. Don't put it off!Don't put off doing the laundry. You could run out of clean clothing. That glittery top that's perfect for the workplace party might be hidden behind a mountain of coloureds. Need assis...

November 24, 2022

Visit a Laundromat or Use a Laundry Pick-Up Service?

When it comes to laundry day, many people are torn between using a laundry pickup service and hauling multiple loads to a local laundromat. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and it is critical to choose the most convenient, cost-effective, high-quality, and environmental-friendly route. If laundry day is your least favourite day of the week, you're not alone. However, no matter how much we dislike it, doing laundry is an absolute must. Which way of doing laundry do you find most ef...

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