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Dealing with Holiday Laundries?

Christmas is busy. Christmas shopping, decorating, entertaining, and hosting visitors. Worried about the stacks of laundry in hampers?

Here are 2 tips for Christmas laundry.

1. Check your calendar and plan

Time to wash laundry? Better check the schedule.
The best way to avoid having laundry build-up is to wash it regularly.
If you don't think you'll have time to wash your own laundry,
full-service laundry is a great alternative.

2. Don't put it off!

Don't put off doing the laundry. You could run out of clean clothing.
That glittery top that's perfect for the workplace party might be
hidden behind a mountain of coloureds.

Need assistance with your laundry this busy month?
Want to save time doing your laundry in the last month of the year?

We can assist you!
Schedule a laundry appointment with us!


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