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New Year Laundry Resolution

2023 may be a prosperous and successful year, but it will also be quite hectic. And being busy equals having a mountain of laundry.
So, what should a new year's laundry resolution consider?

Few Suggestions for New Year Laundry Resolution:

  1. Use your laundry time to unwind

Many individuals utilise laundry time as a kind of relaxation; after a long week, the repetition of sorting, washing, drying, and folding can be quite calming! Listen to music, read a book, or watch a movie to unwind while your clothing is in the washing machine!

  1. Make sorting a breeze

By having separate laundry baskets, you may save the time-consuming task of separating whites and colours before each load of laundry! Set up separate baskets for whites, colours, and darks so that everyone performs their own sorting as they dump soiled clothing in the baskets.

  1. Set your schedule

Dirty laundry accumulates faster than we think, ultimately leaving you with three or four loads to handle at once. Worst of all? Doing so much laundry might consume the majority of your day. Instead, commit to doing laundry once or twice a week (Sunday mornings are our fave!) and stick to it! Making a routine of doing laundry at the same time each week will keep you from putting it off until you've run out of socks.


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