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( / laundry ) – done for you


  1. clothes and linen that need to be washed or that have been newly washed.
  2. a room in a house, hotel, or institution where clothes and linen can be washed and ironed.

(aka - a kinda boring household or business chore that you don’t really have time for) ~ good thing you found us. lavendera is changing up the laundry experience. doing your laundry for you, is what we do best.

book your pick-up & we’ll do your laundry for you

it’s really that simple.
we see you.

you’re a small business owner (hey, that’s us – too)  - so outsource an admin task, give us your biz laundry & focus on growing your business.

you’re aiming high – & while we don’t want to promote hustle culture, you’ve got a career & zero time for washing, drying & folding.

you’re juggling family life – so ditch the chore & spend time with the people you love. did someone say laundry fairy? you’re welcome.

you’ve got a family member who’s a little over dirty laundry – but they still need clean clothes + linen… help them out.

will you really pick-up, wash, dry, fold & bring back our laundry?

yeah, we will.

we know you’ve got better things to do.

and what’s even better? we guarantee that your expertly clean, dry & folded goods will be back on your doorstep within 24-hours after pick-up.

so, how does this done-for-you laundry thing work?

we know you’re busy. so let’s keep this simple. laundry shouldn’t be hard. getting it done for you is even easier.

  • for now, we’re picking up laundry from homes & businesses across lower hutt & wellington.

  • we’re for people & businesses. families who want extra time. and business owners like beauticians, hairdressers & barbers, local eateries, air bnb & accommodation providers – you get the idea. if you’ve got (dirty) laundry – we’ll clean it.

  • choose your pick-up laundry package & book your spot. we’ll be there between 9am – 2pm to pick-up your goods.

  • we’ll expertly wash, dry & fold your laundry for you in our commercial eco-friendly & energy efficient machines (you’re welcome.)

  • and within 24 hours (the next business day) we’ll deliver it safely back to the doorstep of your home or business.

sustainable practices & hygiene standards are at the core of everything we do

laundry needs to be done. everyone has the right to have clean & dry goods.

but? we’ve also got a responsibility to keep people & the environment safe. your health matters and there is no planet b.

we’re here to protect people & the planet

eco logo | sustainable practices  | laundry service in wellington

we make it our mission to do our best, always, even if green isn’t an option for you.

we’ve invested wisely in the very best commercial washes & dryers. eco-friendly & energy efficient. they weigh your clothes & linen so water, time & energy are saved.

and in your pick-up / delivery – wash, dry & fold service we’ve got a couple of secret helpers.

cora balls in every wash to prevent microfibers (including plastic) from entering our oceans & nz wool dryer balls to reduce drying time. so even if your suds aren’t friendly, our machines and products will work hard on your behalf.

we use only the kindest products. keeping you & our space & machines clean, healthy & safe.

let’s talk dollars.

how much does done-for-you laundry, cost?

we’re big on sustainable laundry practices and use environment-friendly laundry detergent approved by environmental choice new zealand (ecnz). book online – we’ll take care of the rest (including no extra charges for pick-up & delivery – how good!?!)

have a question? no worries

wash, dry & fold - $4.60/kg

eco-friendly detergent
minimum order of 8kg
free pick up and delivery

wash & dry (no folding) - $3.60/kg

eco-friendly detergent
minimum order of 8kg
free pick up and delivery

wash, dry, fold (sensitive detergent) - $4.95

            sensitive detergent                                minimum order of 8kg                  free pick up and delivery

duvet ~ $32.50 each

blanket (thick) ~ $32.50 each

mattress protector ~ $32.50 each

add on options;

in-wash stain remover

fabric softener

laundry sanitiser

laundry bag      medium - $19.50   large - $23.00

still got a couple of unanswered questions?

you might wanna read our frequently asked questions.

give the gift of free time today!


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